Friday, May 3, 2013

Chapter 5 - The Escape AND Cover Reveal for Book 2

It's here! It's here!  Another amazing cover from Christy Caughie.  This one is for the second book in the Forest People series, Chameleon: The Choosing.  Are you wondering about the dead guy covered in lichen? If so, you need to pick up the book ASAP.

Here's the short version of the blurb:

Having survived the Kintala, Camryn knows two things: 1) her feelings about Ohar or Dagger can't be trusted; and 2) her newly found magical powers are darn scary and out of control.  The first step is to bond with the most powerful creature in the universe, a thunder dragon.  The choosing is never easy, and only the worthy are chosen. In her first battle with the Agnoses, Camryn must first face her own inner demons in order to save the Forest People. She must learn to resist the call of the Abaddon, or risk the price of letting it take her. Death.

For those who are reading along, this week I'm also posting Chapter 5 of the first book, Chameleon: The Awakening.  If you've been following my posts, with this chapter you now have 126 free pages you've read. You are nearing the half way point of the book.  Only two more chapters and it will be release time.  Stay tuned for some special deals for people who read my blog or visit me on Facebook.  OR, for those who want to be the first to find out about deals, check out the Windtree Press Sales and Coupons page.  You won't believe the deal on these two books during May and June if you use the coupon code there.

If you are just finding this blog, you may want to go back and read the book from the start. Here are links to each posting. These sample chapters are from the eARC, which means it is an uncorrected copy.Typos and such are still going through copy-editing and will be corrected in the final book released June 8, 2013!


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