Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chameleon Cover Reveal and Chapter 3 - Sweet Sixteen Available

Hooray! Ta Da!  My book cover for the first Chameleon Book is now done.  Special thanks go out to amazing cover artist, Christy Caughie at Gilded Heart Design.

It's time for Chapter 3. Like last week I'm posting it in it's entirety, instead of dividing it into two parts.  Several people have written me privately and said they prefer reading an entire chapter instead of ten pages at a time.  So that will be the way I post future chapters as well.

If you are just finding this blog, you may want to go back and read the book from the start. Here are links to each posting. These sample chapters are from the eARC, which means it is an uncorrected copy.

Chapter 4 will be posted the end of next week.

Review Copies Are Gone
The 50 review copies Windtree Press provided for me to give directly to readers of this blog and my Facebook page have now been assigned, so there are no more eARCs to giveaway at this time. Thank you to everyone who signed up! You will be getting an email from NetGalley in early May describing how to download your copy.  I'm really looking forward to reading your reviews.

Other Giveaway Opportunities
I will be doing a giveaway of three print books of both Book 1 and Book 2 on GoodReads in May and June. Watch my FB page for when that is posted.

I'll also be doing a pre-release blog tour with Beyond Words Book Tours in mid-May which will include a giveaway of the special necklace Camryn wears in the book AND a coupon to each commenter to purchase eBook 1 and eBook 2 for only 99 cents each.  That is quite a deal considering the regular ebook price is $4.50 each. Sorry, no discounts on the print book. :(

The necklace is pewter (see the picture) and comes with a leather thong, instead of a chain, and a scroll describing the meaning of this magical owl. You'll learn about this necklace in the chapter posted today. The owl is a special spirit animal for Camryn which serves as a warning and guiding spirit.

Now, enjoy Chapter 3!

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