Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

The second book in The Forest People series is here!  I had hoped it would be released at the same time as the first book, but it didn't work out that way.  In the end, I'm glad because truth be told managing a release for one book took a lot of energy as it was.  But now, for all those who have just finished the first book, you can now get the second.  And if you were lucky to get in on the 99 cent preorder deal at Windtree Press, you should be seeing emails with download links today.

The ebook is only $4.50 and available around the world now.  The print book is $14.00 and will be released next week.  You can get it online through Amazon & Barnes and Noble, as well as through most booksellers who purchase books through Ingrams or Baker & Taylor.

In both ebook and print, my motto is always BUY LOCAL.  Check with your local bookstore for availability.  Many local bookstores now also have ebook links too.

Just as a reminder, here's a look at Book 2 - Chameleon: The Choosing

Having survived the Kintala and liberated her father, Camryn knows two things: 1) her feelings about Ohar or Dagger can't be trusted; and 2) her newly found magical powers are darn scary and out of control. Though she has learned how to manage when she changes into other people, now she has the added burden of controlling her magic before she kills someone by accident. 

The first step is to bond with the most powerful creature in the universe, a thunder dragon. They are the only ones who can take her to the void. They are the only ones who can answer her questions about her gifts. They are the only ones who understand the burdens of life and death--of balance and control. The choosing is never easy, and only the worthy are chosen.
Camryn is committed to stopping the lichen mutations that are killing the Forest People. She knows that her gift as a Chameleon will allow her to discover why the Agnoses experiments are being escalated and how they use the lichen to enhance powers of both Forest People and Agnoses.

In her first battle of control, Camryn comes face-to-face with her own inner demons. What price is she willing to pay in order to save the Forest People? Camryn can see the war coming. Her gifts have the power to save both worlds, but in the process she may end up destroying everyone and everything she loves.


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