Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Book Available in Ebook NOW! Print on June 8th.

Surprise! First book, Chameleon: The Awakening, is now available throughout the World in ebook for 99 cents.  That price is only good for June though. So get your copies because then it goes to the normal retail price of $4.50.

For my FB and Twitter fans in Europe you can pick it up in your own currency on Apple, Amazon, Kobo, XinXii and several other places. For My UK fans, it is at Amazon UK, WH Smith, and Barnes and Noble UK in pounds sterling.

The print book is "officially" available June 8th.  I haven't even received MY copies yet, though I understand they will be arriving any day now. :)  But I did see a few places that had it in print ready to purchase.  So, I know they are out there.

Book 2 is looking more like release June 15th or so. I'll keep you posted. 

Thanks everyone for your great support.  I'm hoping to start seeing some reviews soon. Saw my first one on Amazon today. Thanks romancehound!

Buy Links:
Windtree Press | Jan's Paperbacks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | XinXii

Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble UK | WH Smith

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