Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Chameleon Books coming in Late May

Finally, the release of the first two books in my Chameleon series is getting close.  So, I've started this blog devoted only to talking about YA Fantasy books. I'll be sharing not only information about my books, but also about other YA Fantasy authors I enjoy.

I'm still building the blog pieces on the outside, but I will be posting here regularly.

The first two books in my Chameleon series are coming out in late May. Yippee!! I first conceived of this series in 2010 and pitched the idea at a workshop with Michael Hague. It was so well received by the attendees, that I knew I had to actually write the books.  At that time I was planning the usual trilogy. But about 200 pages into the first book I realized the story was much larger than a trilogy. It would take seven books to really tell the story of The Chameleon and the Forest People.

I'll be sharing the covers as they become available, and between now and the May release of the first two books, I'll start sharing consecutive excerpts from the first book.  If you keep visiting, you'll get an advance look at the first 60+ pages.  And for those who participate in this blog, by visiting and commenting and sharing your ideas, you'll get the first book for free!  How is that for a deal?

There will be other surprise giveaways at random intervals along the way. So be sure to subscribe to my feed or by email to make sure you know when the next post is delivered.

Thanks for following!


Anna Brentwood said...

Maggie, this sounds like a very unique and interesting storyline. I wish you lots of luck with this impressive story.

Maggie Faire said...

Thank you, Anna. I'm having the time of my life with this series. I feel like a teenager again.